Day 0: Who Am I? 私について

Hello everyone, welcome to my daily blog for my education abroad in Japan. I will be keeping this blog five days a week as an assignment for my class. As a personal goal I will also try to write it in both English and Japanese, so please be patient with my language ability.


So let me introduce myself. My name is Shayna Ellis. I am 21 year old, going into my fourth year at Middle Tennessee State University. My major is accounting, but I would also like to major in Japanese if it is possible. My interests include language study, Asian pop music, animated movies, and Christianity.


I hope you enjoy following my adventures as I blog the next month in Japan!



Me and a giant poster of Daichi Miura (one of my favorites) in the airport

One thought on “Day 0: Who Am I? 私について

  1. Enjoy! I’d love to spend some time studying on Japan as well but alas I for now and the foreseeable future I can only visit as a tourist.


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